dinsdag 18 mei 2010

I arrived home safe and sound and VERY thankful to be home and see Ewout again :0) I'm sorry I didnt post as often as I would have liked but my internet conectivity was sporadic.
I am really pleased to have had the opportunity to help Freedom Firm and these girls in a small way, and I felt like by the time I left i had made a lot of progress and now they can take things forward and really run with it. The new jewlery business is called Ruhamah... the ones God loves (Hosea 1) and should have a website up and running within a few months. Each of these girls that has been rescued had something stolen from them that they can never get back but I believe they are seen by God, heard by Him and loved by Him.

If you would like to support the work of freedom firm and Ruhama through a gift or through buying jewelry or throwing a jewlery party for your friends please let me know. Thanks for your interest and prayers during my time away. I really appreciate that!

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Wat een goed idee : een party! wie weet met jonge vrouwen /uit de kerk! advertentie in de in Eigenwijs? of in jullie nieuwsbrief.Maak een goede folder.
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