maandag 3 mei 2010

Hi everyone,

Im here and alive! Sorry I havn't written an update till now. I had 2 prettty exhausting days of travelling and getting through the normal indain beurocracy of getting your passport checked for the same thing three times within 10 minutes or getting several stamps on a form where really one would suffice...the Indian method of creating job opportunities!

I arrived safe and sound in Ooty, a town high in the Nilgiri Hills, in the south of India. The whole town was started as a tea plantation and most of the hills are covered with tea bushes. Thw weather is cool but sunny and the smell of eucalyptus trees fills the air. It really is beautiful!

I spent the day yesterday recovering from my trip and brainstorming about jewlery products, packaging ideas and marketing, with Mala Malstead. Mala and her husband started Freedom firm and mala is now starting her own business to help the rescued girls. I start work this morning... first with working on designs and seeing what beads are available. And then this afternoon I have 3 hours with the girls. I will be giving workshops every afternoon in both jewelery making and card making... great to have the creative juices rolling again. I am really excited about this opportunity and seeing what God has in store for me.

Thanks for your interest adn prayers, I really appreciate you guys!

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Mirjam zei

Hoi Al!
Heard about your first days via Luc and Ewout and was glad to hear you arrived safe and sound. Wish you lots of fun and creativity with the girls!

Gideon zei

Hej Al! Lekker dat je goed bent aangekomen! Veel foto's maken he ;) Succes daar!